Perfume Oil
5 ML / 0.17 OZ
Oudh is one of nature's most aromatically complex oils. Also known as agarwood, it is a resinous wood formed in the heart of the aquilaria tree. Dark, woody, and intoxicating, this resin emits a rich aroma that is truly unique in nature.

SOMA AYURVEDIC's Old Delhi Oudh captures the heady sensuality of oudh in its purest form, utilizing the finest agarwood from Assam, India, where oudh is thought to have originated. Pink pepper crackles alongside the oudh with cedar and mandarin for a gritty, succulent unisex fragrance oil unlike any other.
Iso e super oil, Javanol, Patchouli oil, Lemon oil, Bergamot, Pink pepper.
To increase circulation of the fragrance, apply it to pulse points: behind the ears, on the decollété, on the wrists, neck and in the hollows of the elbows. These concentrated areas of heat will diffuse the fragrance and help it linger longer. Apply the fragrance periodically throughout the day to maintain scent vitality.


  • Top: Pink pepper, Lemon, Bergamot
  • Middle: Cedar, Galbanum, Mandarin
  • Base: Sandalwood, Oudh, Musk
"One of a kind"
"My new favorite fragrance. I'm always getting compliments about it"
Jessie P.
"It's the only thing I wear now"
Sheetal A.