Perfume Oil
5 ML / 0.17 OZ
The pleasant smell of the first rain after a long period of dry weather. Rich, sweet jasmine with an animalistic edge. warm woods with some spice. Kerala Forest blends jasmine with cedar and the smell of wet earth to create a sultry perfume that is at once mysterious and inviting. Familiar, nostalgic, and sensual, Kerala Forest maintains a primal allure that lingers on the skin long after it's been applied.
Alpha pinene, vanillin, linalool, linalyl acetate, cumin seed, cinnamon bark, beta pinene, musk ketone, geraniol, hydroxy citronellal, benzyl salicylate, eugenol, iso eugenol.
To increase circulation of the fragrance, apply it to pulse points: behind the ears, on the decollété, on the wrists, neck and in the hollows of the elbows. These concentrated areas of heat will diffuse the fragrance and help it linger longer. Apply the fragrance periodically throughout the day to maintain scent vitality.


  • Top: Cumin, Rose, Lime
  • Middle: Jasmine, Vetiver, Cedar
  • Base: Petrichor, Olibanum, Guaiac Wood
"I was stopped on the subway and someone asked me what I was wearing. Kerala Forest is a new favorite!"
Thara V
"Truly one of the most gorgeous floral fragrances I've tried. It is sweet and concentrated but not overpowering"
Emily N
"Already my go-to scent. A staple in my fragrance collection. Just wow!!"
Sabrina M