Under eye Gel used for 7 days. Significant reduction in the deep under eye circles and lines.
Vitamin C serum and under eye gel used. 4 weeks between pictures. Complexion improved significantly and under eye circles and puffiness almost completely removed.
3 weeks using Anti Aging Cream, Under eye Gel and Vitamin C Serum together. Dark puffy eye circles significantly reduced, and much brighter skin. Acne blemished reduced as well.
Under eye gel used for 8 days. dark puffy bags under eyes are almost completely removed.
Under eye gel used for 2.5 weeks. Tremendous progress with dark circles.
Hi there, I received my under eye gel last week and I was extremely nervous about trying this because I get severe eye allergies and contact dermatitis even after one use of the wrong product. I've struggled to find something that works besides dr. Perricone hypoallergenic eye cream for a few years now. However, I've got to say, I love your product. It's now my go-to for morning and night eye care. Thanks so much! I know times are tough for small businesses right now but keep up what you are doing! :)
This skincare line is absolutely beautiful. It smells and feels amazing. Truly high end and luxurious. Most impressive is it has transformed my skin in just a few days!
I look forward to using the anti aging cream every nite. The texture, the scent, the results it all feels effortless
I was looking for a new skin care product after my son was diagnosed with Celiac disease. It has to be gluten free so I started doing research on clean products. I was a little hesitant because Soma Ayurvedic just seemed too good to be true. After using the vitamin C serum I am so glad I tried!! My skin feels and looks amazing!